Web Design

The idea that anyone can create content on the internet is one that appeals to many people. There are many great resources on the internet on web design and how to build content for the internet!

If you would like to learn about HTML, CSS, PHP javascript and more about the tools used to generate content then head over to www.w3schools.com for some tutorials that will teach you everything you need to know on web design.

It is generally a good idea to know some basic HTML and CSS after which you might want to skip ahead and learn to use a Content Management System or CMS. There are several CMS packages available for free, the most popular of which is WordPress. WordPress started out as a blog platform and still have excellent blog capabilities, but WordPress has become so powerful and feature rich that many companies are using it to develop their online presence. With WordPress you are able to build anything from a blog to an online store with payment. Click here to get started with your very own WordPress site.